In a previous post I talked about using variable for keeping NuGet packages across multiple projects; now there is a (potentially) better way.

In the previous post, it was demonstrated how to utilize “repository wide” variables located in a Directory.Build.props folder. …

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All right! It’s been a minute! Tamperproof cookies, I needed one, it’s pretty simple after thinking it through.

I feel like I always say it’s been a while since my last post… but this time it has in fact been a while.

So… working on a multi factor authentication setup…

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The decorator pattern is a structural design pattern that can be used to add functionality to classes without modifying the original class or its interface.

From Wikipedia:

In object-oriented programming, the decorator pattern is a design pattern that allows behavior to be added to an individual object, dynamically, without affecting…

Pretty json!

Previously I wrote about creating Health Checks for Microsoft Orleans, but the JSON response was too minimal. In this post we’ll see about prettifying that output!

In the previous post we learned a bit about health checks, how to create them, and view their “health” from the perspective of Microsoft…

Health checks interface

Health Checks are a means of seeing how a system is running at the time of performing the check. Let’s see how we can apply them to Orleans!

Health Checks are generally exposed via HTTP endpoints, and when hit (often at a “/hc” or “/health” endpoint) they are able to…

My notes about trying to get started with React.

I’m mostly a backend-dev. The bit of front-end dev I’ve done was on web-forms with Getting started in this whole ecosystem seems pretty daunting coming from a background where I have access to strongly typed, easily testable code.

This is…

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In the last post we started talking about mTLS. In the post I pointed out that the client cert’s signing CA was not verified, let’s fix that!

The problem

The main thing accomplished in the previous post was getting a CA up and running with a client certificate signed by that CA…

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Most people know what TLS is, but what about mTLS? How is it different from TLS, what’s it used for?


TLS, or Transport Layer Security, is the successor to SSL; both of which are means of secure communication. There have been several versions of TLS, each subsequent version being more…

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The builder is a creational pattern that can be used to construct more complex objects, without having to new them up in calling code.

Though the builder pattern is not my most used creational pattern (that’s the Factory), it is one that I often rely on for the creation of…

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Working with the IHostBuilder introduced to .netcore has been an overall pleasant experience… until I needed configuration from app settings for app bootstrapping. Luckily, there’s still a way to do it.

The docs on IHostBuilder are a good place to start if you've not worked with it before - though…

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